Leader as Teacher


The true leader is a teacher.

Our experiences since 1995 of working with teams and individuals, born out of our previous careers as educators, bring us to the understanding that the most significant aspect of leadership is the ability to develop other leaders.

Through the years we defined, refined and now re-defined the nature of workforce development and how individuals should be developed and how to lead them to their maximum potential. We have watched leadership training devolve to an unwieldy number of assessments, requirements, and an over-focus on gathering data. The following are 5 of our top 25 our observations of leadership development since 1999 that serve as the foundation of “Leader as Teacher” program.

  1. Leaders are over-assessed and under-developed. In the absence of innovation, the same old information is re-packaged and called new.
  2. Assessments are useful tools for increasing information, but in and of themselves, do not create growth and change. This creates a disproportionate amount of training resources dedicated to basic thinking and gathering information. Information defines. Knowledge reveals. Information focuses on effect. Knowledge focuses on cause.
  3. The true leader does not act out of his/her own inner needs but instead focuses on meeting the needs of the follower, thereby increasing trust, loyalty, dependability, and unity of purpose.
  4. The worth of a true leader is measured not by how many people he/she supervises, or how much work he/she produces, but by how many leaders she/he is capable of producing.
  5. The true leader is a teacher.

“Leader as Teacher” is an extraordinary springboard that concentrates on expanding your ability to teach and increase learning outcomes in your leadership and organization. Using innovative MindSpring products, you will:

  1. Be able to distinguish between different cognitive patterns and thinking processes and as a result, predict the learning outcomes of those patterns and outcomes.
  2. Extend your repertoire in developing and implementing presentations that maximize dynamic thinking and innovation.
  3. Create learning processes in group settings that lead to high-level learning and change.
  4. Design learning maps that guide yourself and others to peak performance outcomes.
  5. Walk away having expanded your ability to develop leadership in others.

As a leader, it's not about what you can accomplish but how much you can cause others to accomplish. It's not about how many people you oversee but how many leaders you can develop. This is the foundation of legacy leadership and organizational sustainability.

This Workshop is available as a Mini-Session, Full Day Session, or Multi-Day Event. We are happy to customize it to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information.

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