Leadership Development for Non-Supervisors


Individual Style and Personal Mastery for Non- Supervisors

Enhance your self-awareness and gain the tools to transform your negative patterns in order to activate greater success, influence and well-being.

Learn more about yourself, your strengths and vulnerabilities, your negative patterns and tools to transform those patterns in order to activate greater success, influence and well-being. 

Emotional Intelligence for Non-Supervisors

Through individual and group activities, the Emotional Intelligence for Non-Supervisors program serves as a valuable and lasting tool in helping you develop your skills and career. From the individual and group activities and the assessment results, you will be provided the opportunity to address the results of your EQ Map and prepare strategies that address the outcomes you truly desire in your life and work.

Developing Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors

The Developing Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors program is for anyone interested in developing their leadership skills to be prepared for future opportunities. This workshop offers a solid foundation in the areas of integrity, conflict resolution, and situational awareness.