Leadership Curriculum for Mid-Level Leaders


Do you have the leaders you need to take your organization to the next level? Motivate them to stay and inspire them to lead, in their current role and into the future.

Most organizations stay so busy with current operational needs and daily demands of meetings goals and expectations that they sideline developing their “leaders in the wings.”


  • Develop your self-awareness, including understanding your Stress-Self and its origins.

  • Manage your perceptions and improve your ability to understand others.

  • Learn a model of integrity that teachers you to develop effective, high-performing teams.

  • Learn the source of conflict and a strategy for dealing with conflict and managing difficult people and situations.

  • Increase your emotional intelligence and leverage those skills build trusting relationships, deal effectively with change and pressure, and create your future.

  • Learn and practice a strategy for giving and receiving critical feedback, which is the doorway to mastery for any leader.

  • Set yourself apart by learning how to plan and lead meetings that serve as learning portals rather than basic information sharing.

  • Design your Leadership RoadMap, an articulation of your leadership philosophy, values and strategies for attaining them.


We incorporate a variety of tools to support the content of the workshops and the clarity for the individual. Along with self-awareness assessments, like the EQ Map® and others, we can also facilitate a 360 Survey if that is desired.

We include books that dovetail with the content, and provide added insights for the individual to utilize in their leadership development.

MindSpring materials are innovative, relevant and applicable, giving you tangible tools to use in your personal and professional life.

This work can be organized in a variety of ways to meet your goals, time frame, budget and learning platforms. It can include virtual elements to support the face-to-face sessions, as well as individual coaching throughout the project. We can come to you or host your leaders here at our campus.

Call us today to explore how we can be a significant partner with you in developing your leaders!