Mission Possible Team Experience


The three day Mission Possible Team Experience is a tremendous experience for you and your team and our clients consider it the  most unique and engaging team-building experience they have encountered. 

MindSpring Consulting recognizes that there are many diverse forces, needs, and perceptions at work within any group. Some groups require individuals strong in sequential step-by-step progression. Others rely upon individuals versatile in random, three-dimensional, creative patterns. The entire organization benefits when team members increase their awareness of these dynamics.

To maintain and nurture an effective team, it is important to assess the strengths, weaknesses, and needs of the individual. Assessing the role the individual plays in relationship to the above goals is essential but it is equally important to know what skills are required in order for the team to succeed. It is not a matter of offering a “cookie-cutter” solution to everyone.

Using a style delineator, participants will examine and refine their understanding of the dynamics related to successful teams, develop appreciation for differences, and understand how to nurture those differences. The differences are highlighted and experienced on Day 2!

At the end of Day 1, you and your team will begin preparations for Day 2, Mission Possible! Functioning independently from the end of the 1st day to lunchtime on the 2nd day, you are provided a set of instructions that include:

  • What must be prepared as a group that evening.

  • Directions to Day 2 location.

  • The name of a person you must locate upon arriving.

  • This person will give you a box. Inside the box are your instructions to follow on your 27 mile one-way journey.

  • You do not have to be in shape. There is no hiking, swimming, rafting or sweating.

  • Assuming that you are successful, MindSpring will meet you with a wonderful lunch.

  • The 3rd day is dedicated to consolidating your learning and how highly effective teams function. Interactive and engaging, the 3rd day in the classroom is dedicated to using the previous day’s experience to substantially increase the participant’s and the team’s understanding of how effective teams function and strategies for your team’s evolution.


This program was designed for teams and can be customized to meet your team’s specific team needs.

This Workshop is available as a Mini-Session, Full Day Session, or Multi-Day Event. We are happy to customize it to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information.