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The Conscious Leadership Workshop

  • MindSpring Consulting, Inc 966 Tunnel Road Asheville, NC, 28805 United States (map)

“Conscious Leadership” is gaining the wisdom to use all circumstances, good and bad, to significantly increase your understanding of how to achieve the outcomes you want.

Throughout the world, you are witness to the breaking down and change of established political, social, and financial systems, to name a few. The ongoing movement of contraction and expansion are not only part of the world itself, but part of your life experience. Good days are followed by bad days and bad days are followed by good days. We call the visible world of daily chores and responsibilities the horizontal world. But there is an invisible world of dynamics which we call the vertical world or the realm of consciousness. In fact, we believe that the arena of consciousness is the future of training and development.

Consciousness is not the same thing as self-awareness. Self-awareness is just that: awareness of your Self, your behaviors, motivations, barriers, strengths, etc. Consciousness inserts wisdom into what is happening, clarifies how things work, and unites and harmonizes the horizontal world of work dynamics, work relationships, and thinking outside the box. Going past the worn-out concepts of self-awareness and self-assessment, this program teaches you how to design, map, and live out your most powerful self as a leader.

If you are aware of what is happening and why it is happening, you can direct yourself powerfully and intentionally, creating the outcomes you desire. It is this nucleus of consciousness that is the source of your power, your legacy as a leader and your ability to produce the same in others

Investment: $1495