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Developing Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors October 2019

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The Developing Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors program is for anyone interested in developing their leadership skills to be prepared for future opportunities. This workshop offers a solid foundation in the areas of integrity, conflict resolution, and situational awareness.

Using MindSpring's top 10 characteristics of effective leaders, you will refine your own personal model to create your "roadmap" for implementation. In addition to your self-designed model, you will:

  • Examine 10 levels of integrity and understand their impact on your professional life.

  • Utilize MindSpring's COIN process for increasing your ability and willigness to seek feedback and to use the feedback to enhance your new leadership skills.

  • Learn two MindSpring techniques for increasing your ability to communicate effectively without resorting to argument and opinionated stances.

  • Increase your ability to distinguish between cause and effect /content and context, empowering you to see the bigger picture of what is happening in a given situation.

The 3 days will provide you with substantial opportunities to share, exchange and develop your unique leadership model to begin practicing and mastering.

Investment: $650-$750