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Leadership RoadMap Workshop

  • Mindspring Consulting, Inc 966 Tunnel Road Asheville, NC, 28805 United States (map)

Our pioneering work in coaching has resulted in the "The Leadership RoadMap Workshop" in which you will gain a significant understanding of your leadership behavior in a short period of time,

Our innovative "Leadership RoadMap" approach centers on the understanding that you possess a model that cannot be duplicated, lost or stolen. Your model is a one-of-a-kind “biology” that contains the source of your behavioral and performance outcomes. It is not contained in a book, a power point slide show, assessment or manual. These tools can be helpful but the discovery and improvement process cannot be conducted with pre-conceived academic models, concepts and principles. Our process leads you to understand more deeply than ever before the true dynamics that are creating the outcomes in your life and work, integrating mind, body and emotions.

In this workshop, you focus less on behavior and more on identifying and transforming the source of the behavior which resides in those perceptual fields and patterns which produce the behavior. The object is for you to master your unique leadership model...not someone else's.

Our goals in this multi-faceted process are to help you increase significantly your understanding of your internal leadership model, the fixed-tape-loops that drive that model, the unique barriers that are inherent in your model and how to design, create and live a pathway into the best of yourself and your LeaderSelf, becoming a guiding light and leadership model for the organization.

Investment: $1495

Leadership RoadMap: Aug Full Day Session
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Leadership RoadMap

Full Day Session
Date: September 20, 2018
Time: 8:30 AM – 5:00PM

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