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MindSpring Business Opportunity

Learn about how you can start a MindSpring™ operation anywhere in the world, NOW!


Below you will find the KEY reasons you should consider joining MindSpring™:

1. Opportunity to have Access to a Variety of Completed, Vetted & Successful Programs & Products:

  1. This business opportunity provides individuals the opportunity to conduct leadership, team, individual, and organizational development. From webinars to assessments, from proven, time tested curriculum and programs.

2. Small Initial Investment for Long-Term Committed Business Relationship:

The initial investment is $18,000.00 plus certain software requirements at an estimated cost of $775.00. The estimated investment ranges between $18,000 and $20,000.00. This sum does not include rent or rental expenses for a business location should the buyer choose to have one.

3. Develop Personal & Professional Mastery of Your Life:

Create and develop a high-functioning team of individuals who are also independent MindSpring™ owners across the US committed to “providing individuals and the organizations for which they work with the skills and motivation needed to better their personal and professional lives through the understanding and mastery of the forces shaping them.”

4. MindSpring's Motivation for Starting Franchises:

While MindSpring™ is a successful but very small business, our journey has been an incredible one. This is a marvelous opportunity that should be considered not only by individuals but by couples and partners. Our motivation is to:

  • Serve as an educator, trainer, psychologist, and perpetual hand-holder to you in order for you to become successful.

  • Further and expand the work created by Haydn and Terry Hasty that is the foundation of MindSpring.

  • Empower and develop the individuals in this group to become preferred service providers by their clients.

  • Provide others the opportunity to lead and operate MindSpring in their part of the US, in hopes that the work we have created will thrive and expand for years to come. This involves allowing 1-2 individuals to operate in Asheville at our location.

  • Play a role in empowering and developing other people who can play an influential role in the lives of their clients and the organizations for whom their clients work.

  • Share our success with you and play a role in helping you become a highly successful individual in the field of human development.


5. Why Consider This Opportunity?

  • Owning your own business.

  • Making independent decisions and setting your own schedule.

  • Being part of a group of individuals sharing the same mission and purpose.

  • Utilizing cutting-edge, branded products such as website, newsletters, webinars, branded templates, logos, power points, presentation folders, stationary, business cards, etc.

  • Capitalizing on federal contracts through MindSpring’s GSA Schedule Contract.

  • A lower risk of failure and/or loss of investments than if you were to start your own business from scratch.

  • Systematic training, guidance, and support from experts in program delivery and business operations.

  • The benefit of highly successful curriculum's in the arenas of leadership development, human development, and teacher development.

  • The availability of selling services and products to virtually any business or individual.

  • Enhancing and developing your program delivery abilities.

  • Rapid expansion with minimum capital expenditures: “hit the ground running.”

  • Encouraged to maximize your own style and creativity.

  • Can be passed on to your heirs or sold to others subject to our approval.

  • Agreement renewal will be automatic as long as this contract is not been breached.

It is essential that you take the time to study our website and the many facets that make up MindSpring™.



6.  MindSpring™ Consulting's Growth in the past 20+ Years of Operation:

MindSpring™ Consulting, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Haydn Hasty, MA, EdS, PhD, President and Terry Hasty, MS, Vice-President. Both came from the public education arena. From discoveries made through Suggestive Accelerative Learning and Teaching, an innovative learning methodology developed by Georgi Lozanov of Sophie, Bulgaria, Haydn and Terry began designing curriculum's and developmental processes in the arenas of leadership, teacher development, and personal mastery. MindSpring™ rented an office space at 552 New Haw Creek Road in Asheville, NC, for 10 years. On the first day of business, the 1200 square foot office complex consisted of 2 chairs, a used desk, and a Mac Classic 2-megabyte computer which was upgraded to 10 megabytes several months later. In the six months of business, MindSpring grossed a total of $800.00. In 2006, the new training center at 966 Tunnel Road in Asheville was built, just 5 minutes from downtown Asheville, NC. Haydn and Terry Hasty are the two principals of Monmovmin LLC that owns the MindSpring™ property and WellSpring Wellnmess Center, right next door to the MindSpring™ building. MindSpring™ serves a variety of clients: federal, state, health-care, educational, individual, corporate, small business, and Fortune 500 companies.

7.  MindSpring™ status is as follows:

  • Has no predecessor.

  • Has no previous business opportunity relationships.

  • Is a woman-owned small business.

  • Is a sub-chapter S corporation.

  • EIN: 56-1862998.

  • DUNS: 944943380.

  • Is registered with the federal government under the Certified Contractor Registration.

  • Holds and maintains GSA Schedule Contract#: GS-02F-0132V.

  • Has never been or is currently involved in bankruptcy.

  • Has never been involved in nor is currently involved in any form of litigation.

  • Has no arrangement with a public figure.

  • Is offering this business opportunity for the first time in 2013.

  • Projects 10-15 new business opportunity relationships as of January 1, 2020.


8.  Ownership Rights to Sell & Conduct MindSpring™ Training

In pursuing this opportunity, you will be given rights to sell and conduct training in all aspects of “The Center for Integrated Leadership” and any programming associated with Mi9ndSpring™. From coaching to online assessments, from leadership development programming to online webinars, you will be given rights and access to all materials, power point presentations, program agendas, workbooks, assessments, business systems, etc. to become a successful entrepreneur in the field of training and development.


9.  Guidance not Control in MindSpring™ Business Operation

This is not a cookie-cutter or widget-producing idea. It is not our desire to exert control over how you conduct your operation other than software requirements. We believe the more choices a person has, the more likely they are to succeed. Our primary effort will be helping you develop your program delivery skills and abilities to understand and help others grow and increase the quality and satisfaction of their lives. However, our secondary effort will be serving as a guide in helping operate your business through the systems we have developed.

10. Creativity & Integrity are Primary

Your creative input will not only be strongly encouraged but required if you are going to be successful. There is little doubt that many associates will far surpass what we have achieved and created. Based upon a foundation of integrity and absolute clarity of our mission and purpose, there is little we cannot achieve together. Without this foundation of trust and integrity, there is little we can.

Remember, if the highlights above spark your interest, send us an email at or view/download our MindSpring Business Opportunity Disclosure Statement that is on file with the office of the North Carolina Secretary of State that discusses this business opportunity in more detail.