Essence of Excellence

OVERVIEW The Essence of Excellence is MindSpring’s platform for strategic planning and vision work. This program is a culmination of our 22 years of working with teams and individuals at highly functioning levels, crisis driven behaviors, as well as dysfunctional circumstances and outcomes. One of the most fascinating dynamics we continue to witness is observing how talented, experienced and good people create low-functioning teams that achieve less than desired outcomes. How and why does this occur?

To understand what excellence is, it is important to understand what it is not. This program guides the team into profiling how mediocrity is born, nurtured and perpetuated in their work, and serves as a valuable lens in revealing the true essence of excellence and how to create it. Over the years we have identified seven crucial dynamics of highly effective teams. These seven central areas of group dynamics and processes are carefully examined and profiled. When these dynamics are not articulated and protected, mediocrity can creep into these crucial areas and blind, deafen and destroy excellence and mediocrity becomes the new benchmark by which the team is known.

Simply creating future goals and objectives is not enough to sustain those ideals. A crucial foundation of these seven important dynamics increases the likelihood of achieving the goals and objectives of the future. This is a working program, using much of the time to construct your model of excellence based on the seven dynamics and other resources. Through exercises and application sessions, participants will design strategies for developing excellence, create their vision for years to come, as well as well as articulate the principles and behaviors that will allow that vision to be sustained.


  • Increase your understanding of how mediocrity is created, and the true cause of performance roadblocks.
  • Learn the seven key elements required of any successful team and how performance is affected when these dynamics are over-looked.
  • Create a model of excellence that is specific and authentic for the team, with sustainable strategies for continued growth and improved outcomes.
  • Increase communication and commitment among team members.


  • Open and honest exploration of current circumstances and team dynamics.
  • Uncover the cause of the outcomes the team experiences and acknowledge accountability for the unsatisfactory ones.
  • Develop a thorough and actionable plan for eradicating mediocrity and insisting on excellence.
  • Take back a model for individual and team behaviors and practices that invite open communication, integrity and accountability.


This program can be brought to your location, or scheduled at our campus in Asheville, for you and your team to design, build and refine excellence as the standard by which your team is known.

PRICING $1,495.00