Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

EQ is a science of personal effectiveness, leadership, and group dynamics. Emotionally intelligent leaders build and sustain trust, loyalty, commitment, productivity, and innovation. They have the ability to remain open and receptive in the middle of conflict and guide others to common ground.

Through individual and group activities, the “Leadership through Emotional Intelligence” workshop serves as a valuable and lasting tool in helping you reach your leadership goals. Using your EQ Map results you will identify and address your targeted areas of growth and prepare strategies to create the outcomes you truly desire and your followership requires.


    Increasing your ability to deal with conflict and critical feedback.

    Understanding the 5 basic emotions and how to integrate them into your communication and leadership.

    Increased understanding in dealing effectively with stress and habitually negative states.

    Training your LeaderSelf to override your StressSelf.

    Communicate out of Leadership Condition rather than Leadership Position.

    Learn to receive and give constructive feedback.

Organizational Benefits

  • Deliver a superior product backed by superior customer service.
  • Develop the potential of your organization’s #1 resource: its people.
  • Think outside the box in an innovative and timely manner.