Mentoring: Cultivating Leadership


Mentoring is the art of giving, sharing, and teaching wisdom. Unlike coaching, there is no model to which the individual is being compared (i.e. 360° leadership evaluation results, Myers-Briggs temperament results, job expectations, etc.) Highly effective mentoring incorporates the invisible dynamics of cause and effect, the un-measurable elements of perception and change, and most of all, helps the student realize the difference between the real and the unreal.

In powerful mentoring relationships, the “model” that the mentor uses to convey this wisdom is the individual (the mentee) and how the individual has constructed the world and him or herself through their perceptions, opinions, experiences, and beliefs. The mentor is fully aware that the wisdom the mentee needs to improve life, and work does not lie outside themselves but inside themselves. The mentor is fully aware that the true mentee-mentor role is a symbiotic one, one in which the role of mentor and mentee is often reversed. The mentor is fully aware that true learning results in change and that change is the desired outcome of the relationship.

This program is dedicated to increasing the participant’s ability to serve in the mentor role as one who not only knows the path, but one who walks the path, as one who teaches the path of change and growth by demonstrating it. This program is dedicated to helping you move from being a leader to being a developer of leaders.

MindSpring recognizes that your organization may not bestow upon you the role of mentor, and yet mentoring roles and behaviors are needed in every organization. We do assume you are choosing to pursue and fulfill the role of integrated leader and mentor, to become what you are capable of being by teaching others how to be it, to have what you desire in your life by teaching others how to have it. The role of mentor is not earned but chosen as a path of leadership and life.

Mandatory preparation (required reading, self-examination, etc.) is crucial to successful participation in this program and will be forwarded to the participants prior to the start of the program. On-line exercises are also part of this curriculum and a valuable tool for practice and reinforcement of the content. The program is comprised of two sections with time between for reflection, study, and concept practice.

We also customize programs for organizations with the intention of developing mentors and mentoring programs.


  • Gain an heightened understanding of how you lead, and the impact of your style.
  • Develop a professional development plan, articulating TAG’s (targeted areas of growth) and strategies for addressing them.
  • Learn to identify the origin of your emotions and how to integrate them into your daily operations for optimal influence, impact and outcomes.
  • Understand the nature of integrity and how to train low level behaviors out of your team, and foster high level ones.
  • Learn a proven strategy for dealing with conflict that will increase your personal power, your effectiveness and your ability to guide others to positive outcomes.
  • Develop a plan for moving your team forward, utilizing our Essence of Excellence format.