If ever there was a perfect time, this is it. Time to cultivate your voice and claim your personal power. Time to create a center that holds and guides you. Time to activate your LeaderSelf.


If ever there was a perfect time, this is it. Time to cultivate your voice and claim your personal power. Time to create a center that holds and guides you. Time to activate your LeaderSelf.

Have you noticed it is never the perfect time to invest in yourself but you can always make time for everything and everyone else? It is your turn now.

This program is not about hearing others’ stories or even about sharing your story. This program is about gaining insight, learning new tools, practicing new perceptions and strategies, and applying your learning for sustainable growth and change.

This transformational experience teaches you to identify and master the dynamics shaping your leadership, your relationships and your well-being. We provide diverse and cutting edge opportunities for you to learn and grow, giving you the tools to design your own road map for your life and leadership, equipping you to meet the challenges and optimize the opportunities available in the roles women play in this rapidly shifting landscape.

Pinnacle performance, fulfillment and well-being are outcomes of intentional and conscious effort. Are you ready to increase your personal power and influence? If not now, when?

What sets us apart?

Learning is change. We change our behavior by changing our mind. Engaging, challenging and innovative, the focus of this program is developing your integrated self. Our intention is to lead you in a learning process and practical application, empowering you to create the future you desire.


·         Pre-work includes reading from our Advanced Leadership Model and profiles; materials forwarded one month prior to the workshop.

·         Integrate mind and body, working with diverse certified practitioners in the fields of leadership development, nutrition and wellness. Your tuition includes one appointment. Choose from: Acupuncture, Essential Oils Consultation, Individual Coaching incorporating an EQ Map, Massage, Nutritional Counseling and Individual Yoga. You can also schedule appointments with any WellSpring Wellness Center practitioner during lunch breaks, as well as before and after workshop hours.

·         Gain clarity into your response patterns in stress and conflict, and acquire the wisdom and tools to develop new response patterns.

·         Identify your targeted areas of growth.

·         Build your Leadership RoadMap® including an action plan and commitment to change.


·         Utilize the Leadership Profiles to identify and examine your leadership origins and learned behaviors.

·         Identify your “fixed tape loop” and learn to interrupt and replace negative patterns.

·         Reveal the origin of your StressSelf, and challenge negative self-perceptions.

·         Learn to “draw your sword” appropriately and effectively, increasing your expression of personal power without damaging your relationships.

·         Clarify your motivation, intention and purpose.

·         Apply perceptions, skills and tools for improved leadership, relationships and your ability to deal with conflict.

·         Cultivate a deeper level of self-acceptance, honoring your authentic self.

·         Commit to change.


·         A clearly defined model of your leadership, including your evolutionary path to greater levels of accountability and responsibility.

·         Your Leadership RoadMap© articulating your values, intention and purpose, and the strategies to attain them.

·         A strategy and practice for developing balance in your life.

·         A proven strategy for giving and receiving feedback and dealing with conflict powerfully and gracefully.

·         A set of resources that will serve you and others in your life for many years to come.

INVESTMENT: $1895.00


·         One individual WellSpring Wellness Center service.

·         All materials.

·         Two catered lunches and one dinner.

·         Instructors: Terry Hasty, M.S., Vice-President / Ann Cope, M.S., MindSpring Partner

Space reserved for only 18 participants.