Emotional Intelligence Profile

How skilled is your team in dealing with conflict? How open and receptive is the group in giving and receiving feedback? What is the level of trust that exists within the group? What is the level of optimal performance of the group?

EQ is a hidden advantage. It is a science of personal effectiveness, leadership, and trusting relationships. It is a dynamic of leadership that can create and sustain trust, loyalty, commitment, productivity, and innovation in organizations when properly managed. We believe strongly that it is the cornerstone of powerful, dynamic leadership.


The “Emotional Intelligence Group Profile” can serve as a valuable and lasting tool in determining training and development needs without guessing. Examining 20 different emotional intelligence competencies, MindSpring has created a powerful one page snapshot of the group allowing you to pinpoint what needs to be addressed in the group. Using a standard deviation quotient, the profile also allows you to evaluate the level of consistency within the group.

The “Emotional Intelligence Group Profile” helps you identify anomalies and understand how and why the group operates as they do. Deleting the need to pursue the latest fad in training and development, you will have a unique road map to follow in developing your group or team to their potential.