Categories for WORKSHOP & EVENTS

WORKSHOPS and then category they are under:

Individual Style and Style Impact - Leadership Development, Personal Development, Federal Solutions

Individual & Group Dynamics - Team Building, Federal Solutions

Essence of Excellence - Leadership Development, Federal Solutions

Dealing with Difficult People - Personal Development, Federal Solutions

Conscious Leadership - Leadership Development, Federal Solutions

Becoming a Creative Genius - Personal Development, Federal Solutions

Leadership Roadmap - Coaching, Federal Solutions

Resilience, Wellness & Healthy Choices -  Personal Development, Federal Solutions

Mission Impossible- Team Building, Federal Solutions

Leadership through Emotional Intelligence -  Leadership Development, Federal Solutions

Powerful. Authentic. Balanced Leadership - Leadership for Woman, Federal Solutions

Leading with Integrity - Personal Development, Federal Solutions

Mentoring: Cultivating Leadership -  Leadership Development, Federal Solutions

Leader as Teacher - Leadership Development, Federal Solutions



Leadership Development

Individual Style and Style Impact

Conscious Leadership

Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

Mentoring: Cultivating Leadership

The Essence of Excellence

Leader as Teacher


Leadership RoadMap: Individual Coaching Services


Leadership for Women

Powerful, Authentic. Balanced: Leadership for Women

Leadership RoadMap: Individual Coaching Services


Personal Development

Individual Style and Style Impact

Becoming a Creative Genius: The Generative Way Matrix

Dealing with Conflict and Difficult People

Leading with Integrity

Resilience, Wellness and Healthy Choices


Team Building

Individual and Group Dynamics: Building Effective Teams

Mission Possible Team Building Experience

Customized Teambuilding Experiences


Federal Solutions

All events and workshops should have this tag because they are GSA applicable unless indicated otherwise.