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Defining the Future of Leadership Development

In 1999, long before it was fashionable, MindSpring paved the way into emotional intelligence. The “Leadership through Emotional Intelligence” program became a national model for the USDA Forest Service, serving as the foundation for both their Middle and Senior leader programs.

Following seven years of study and design, MindSpring once again finds itself at the forefront in 2019 with its pioneering work in consciousness, a field that goes far beyond self-awareness and personality. What we have learned leaves us with little doubt that consciousness is the future of not only leadership development but human development in general.

Sharing some of these discoveries in our other programming to see how the ideas would be received, we quickly witnessed the natural, transformative power of consciousness. In our experience, the future of leadership development was born. We have committed ourselves to inserting this new knowledge in all of our previous programming and created several brand new programs: “Conscious Leadership,” “Leader as Teacher,” and “The Leadership RoadMap: Individual Coaching.”

Our leadership development programs represent MindSpring's™ commitment to providing sustainable results to complex leadership problems. With decades of  experience, research and applied best practices, our experiential, hands-on workshops expand upon principles of adult learning that will result in powerful, transformative experiences for all leadership levels whether you're an aspiring leader mid-level manager or a senior executive leader.

We offer our leadership development workshops independently to suit your individual or organizational needs: 



Developing as an individual, whether inside or outside of the workplace, begins with personal awareness and authenticity. We cannot transform our teams and our organizations unless we are willing to examine and transform our own personal behaviors. As leadership development consultants, we specialize in individual and group coaching.  We believe that conscious living and leadership requires understanding of the concepts which empower individuals to make lasting behavior and life changes. 

Learn about our hands-on, off-the-shelf coaching programs or find out how can deliver one-on-one coaching for individual leaders, in any location. We will work closely with you to the design a program that fits your organizational requirements and objectives. 


Leadership for Women

Let's face it—women face unique challenges in the workplace. However, research indicates that organizations with top-team gender diversity experience better financial and individual performances.  The time to cultivate personal power and activate your LeaderSelf is NOW! Whether you are a woman in an emerging leadership role or a seasoned leader looking to gain new insights and grow personally or professionally, our Leadership for Woman workshops will help you create the life you desire. 


Federal Solutions

MindSpring™ has successfully conducted business with the Federal Government since 1999. Our “Leadership through Emotional Intelligence” program became a national model for the USDA Forest Service. Click here to see our GSA capability statement.


Personal Development

We firmly believe that Emotional Intelligence is the key to personal and professional development.  As pioneers in the Emotional Intelligence frontier, we have seen firsthand the powerful transformation of individuals when they are able to understand and regulate their emotions in a positive and healthy way.  When you give individuals the tools to personal develop, organizations will also see leadership skills strengthened. Our core programs are designed for high performance training that will develop emotional and leadership skills so that everyone in your organization can be the most conscious and authentic person they can be!


Team Building

While there are tons of agencies promoting their "experiential team building experiences, " the  MindSpring difference  is that we use powerful tried and tested leadership and team development processes to ensure that your team experiences transformational change.  This means that we focus on providing skills to build awareness about your real work relationships and then practice those skills in real time. We will provide fundamental techniques for effective communication and conflict resolution. We provide workshops that focus on integrity and building trust so that you can have the real conversations that impact your business goals. 

Let us know your specific team needs. We are experts in a variety of assessment instruments that provide us flexibility to design a custom experience for your team and organization.