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Conscious Leadership Workshop

Experience the future of leadership training.


The deeper the foundation, the greater the height to be reached.

Event Dates: July 15-17 / Charlotte, NC | August 13-15 / Washington, DC | September 17-19 / Boston, MA | October 15-17 / Atlanta, GA


Are you ready…

to step into the future of leadership development?

Going beyond assessments and ordinary data, “Conscious Leadership” is the result of MindSpring’s pioneering work in the field of consciousness.

Why “Conscious Leadership?”

There is a vital need for conscious leaders at the helm of organizational and cultural change. All truly successful organizations and teams are results of an “inside job.” Influential leaders operate from the “inside-out.” A greater understanding of consciousness reveals that the “outside” resembles the “inside” of the leader, for better or for worse.

Throughout the world, you are witness to the breaking down and change of established political, social, and financial systems, to name a few. The ongoing movement of contraction and expansion are not only part of the world itself, but part of your life experience. Good days are followed by bad days and bad days are followed by good days.

What is “Conscious Leadership?”

“Conscious Leadership” is gaining the wisdom to use all circumstances, good and bad, to significantly increase your understanding of how to achieve the outcomes you want.

Consciousness is not the same thing as self-awareness. Self-awareness is just that: awareness of your Self, your behaviors, motivations, barriers, strengths, etc. Consciousness inserts wisdom into what is happening, clarifies how things work, and unites and harmonizes the external events in your life with internal wisdom.

If you are aware of what is happening and why it is happening, you can direct yourself powerfully and intentionally, creating the outcomes you desire. It is this nucleus of consciousness that is the source of your power, your legacy as a leader and your ability to produce the same in others.  With challenging, innovative and cutting-edge learning modules, you will surely find this program to serve as a life-changing experience.

“I have enjoyed my new state of consciousness since the program.  The material was exactly what I needed.  You two are very gifted at enlightening others or perhaps helping others see what is possible within themselves.  Great stuff – thank you!” D. Turner

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